Sunday, March 18, 2012

celebrate GRINGO day....

...or...what most civil people like to call, St. Patrick's Day. I celebrated with my adopted fhe family. they're pretty tight people. i felt i needed to repay them for their generousity, as so as a peace offering i invited them over for a breakfast of GREEN crepes, green waffles and pancakes.

 absolutely great people. hayley and erin and i were also able attend the temple the night before which was great. we went at 9:45 on a friday night and were done at 10:20. woah.
someone forgot to spray the waffle maker......

and after spending many hours on campus--the best finale of the day was learning how to drive a stick shift. something i've dreamed of doing for years. i'm not saying i was a pro--but i sure felt like a kid again. oh and just in case you didn't believe is documentation.

(See told ya)

Oh, and if you are in provo and you're smart. you will go to the Awful waffle and partake of such deliciousness. seriously. you can't go wrong.

And please, for my sake, listen to this talk. It is powerful.
I forgot how much i loved it until I was reminded of it last night as I saw this Mormon Message.
I shake my head at how i think my worries, troubles and problems are far greater than everyone elses, and then I watch these inspiring videos of others, and I am always humbled once again.

Life is Wonderful.
Just so you know. 

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  1. way to learn to drive a manual car! Too bad we don't have our mercury anymore, you could have driven it around Provo like a pimp!


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