Thursday, March 22, 2012

#270 according to photo booth

i woke up one morning to find "this" on my couch.
"this" would be my roommate, gemma germine. 
 as a matter of fact, i did watch her for about 20 secs to verify that she was in fact breathing.
 then, after paint exploding over my face--or just the fact that i look like a pubscent teen with horrible acne, you decide, I took a few pictures of gemma and i, in our most attractive state of being.
 cottage cheese. naturally the most commonly used prop for a picture.
 watch where you are pointing that fork gemma.
 they should have placed on the warning labels of paint that is usually tends to make people obnoxious, crazy, and immature, all at the same time.

okay, okay, i know what you are thinking. but just please...don't hate me because i am beautiful.


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