Friday, March 16, 2012

best of both worlds

let me explain. i first loathed the idea that i'd be working at the MTC again. i quit my job at the MTC cafeteria on a Monday. Got a call on Tuesday for a second interview for what i thought was the BYU bookstore. On Thursday, I interviewed, and realized it was for the MTC bookstore. Awesome. The MTC was the place I trying to get away from. I'd already worked there for 7 months. Friday morning, i found I got the job. I couldn't turn it down. I started work at the MTC the next week. I've never had to work 20 hours a week before. But now i see how the Lord has prepared other people to help influence me to take this job. I didn't want to take it. I was already feeling overwhelmed to the brim with 16 credits, church calling, living on my own, and other excuses, but my parents resentlessly encouraged me to take this job. So i did. And am I so grateful I did. I love the people I work with. They are an elite-down-to-earth group of girls. Not only that. But i feel pretty solid at the end of the day, knowing i served people that serve the Lord. Although it is time consuming, I am learning better time-management (or so i hope), and its truly been a nice "break" from school. For those hours I don't have to think about anything school related. And its just wonderful. mention the part two.
I got another job for the summer! i'm thrilled. if i never get the chance to be an efy counselor, I think this is as close as it gets, and i'm stoked. I will be a byu sports camp counselor for this summer. i'll be attending spring term, then work as a counselor for summer, work education week, attend the reunions and then its back to school in the fall and winter. i have to get through spring--and that will be my first official break in like 2 years. i'm not tooo excited for being in the dorms again, or eating at the cannon center for every meal (but hey, free room and board, i can't beat that).

this has been far more of a journal entry than what I really meant to write about. but i find it ironic that because i work at the mtc, i'm required to wear church/business dress everyday. (and for the record, i never once in my entire life wore a skirt for the heck of it to school from K-12. thats the truth). Where as for the sports camp job, i'll be wearing shorts and a t-shirt every day. thats the best of both worlds. 


  1. congrats, Ems! Both great jobs! I think it's been the people I've worked with that made jobs I did at BYU so great, too.

  2. Woot! Woot on your job as BYU sports counselor! You will be fabulous at that job. And can I just tell you how much I love the story of you getting the MTC bookstore job. I will always remember you calling me and telling me that the bookstore job you applied for happened to be the MTC, the job you just quit!! hahaha! It was hilarious

  3. That is a really fun and cool story. Those jobs both sound really awesome. I am really excited for you to do that this Summer. I am just a little bummed that I won't get to hang with you though:)


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