Thursday, March 15, 2012

happy birthday lynette

lynette--you are no ordinary person.
to my beloved cousin--but more like a sister, dearest friend, best childhood playmate, most hiarious person, beautiful, inspiring, enchanting, uplifting, helpful, kind, service-oriented, all encompassing wonderful person--Happy Birthday. I sure love you more than you. And thats cliche, i know, but its the truth. I admire you. I love you. I am so grateful you are apart of my life. For more than of a couple of reasons. But...i'll state a few (after all, that is a small price to pay for your birthday :)
1. we talk via computer when sitting next to each other for 2 hours.
2. we rode our bikes to buy cereal at albys.
3. we played college--and then actually lived it.
4. we love acquire so much.
5. while you were sleeping, the man from snowy river, you'e got mail.
6. monopoly never ending games
7. and late night chats on your bed.
To say the least, i am soooo grateful you are my cousin. thank you x a million for all you ahve done. you have made life soo fun for everyone :)
love always,

(if you don't know my cousin lynette, i am sorry, you are missing out. she is the best friend anyone could ask for. she does everything and anything. like plan a suprise party for your 19th birthday, bring you heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes on valentines day--when you are sick no less, and just makes everyone so happy to be around.)

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