Tuesday, February 7, 2012

prof. emily speaks words of wisdom

1.     if i could sum up my college career in six words it'd be....cheerios, chocolate chips, and pb & j. 
2.    don't cook with the lights off...you end up burning your bacon (because you can't see...duh), and almost lightening the whole stove on fire from the grease of the bacon...oh and you feel like you'll die from gas poisioning. 
3.    do your laundry--regularly. its been about a month and a half. when underwear runs out...you still have swim bottoms to wear. tomorrow i'll just have to wear my full piece underneath. *sigh*
4.    you can get by with only wearing 3 outfits in 5 days. thanks to the MWF, T/TH class schedule. No one will ever know you wore the same outfit on M and T, since its different classes!
5.    always heat your apt. with gas heating. that way you never have to pay for the thermostat to rest nicely at 90 degrees, 24/7. 

the pathetic meal i consumed. 


  1. On the bright side, that one-piece works as a sort of poor-man's Spanxs. But in all seriousness, you need to do your laundry. Like ASAP. And holla for re-wearing outfits!

  2. Emily! Emily! Do your laundry!!!!

  3. This pregnancy Jason has made me promise not to buy anymore maternity clothes. I agree - they are so expensive. But because this is my 6th, I have hardly anything worth wearing anymore! So I always wear an outfit twice, unless it somehow got dirty, but that's hard to do when you are laying around doing nothing all day:)

    Oh, and Jason has started two major grease fires in our kitchen while cooking bacon. Once about 9 years ago, and once this last week. We have to repaint our kitchen and replace the microwave above the stove. It was scary bad. Good thing Harrison saw the flames, and calmly went to Jason and said, "Dad, I see fire."

    1. OH good...i feeel so much better about myself now!! hahah. My roommates just made me open the windows for like hours it was horrible. And harrison's reaction is hiarlious! hahah :) miss you guys!

  4. Emily, if I was in Provo there would be an intervention. But since I'm not, all I can do is say, DO YOUR LAUNDRY!! Maybe I should send you quarters :) hahaha!
    ps I really still do love your hair


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