Friday, January 6, 2012

gaining rather than losing

confession: I've thrown in the towel when it comes to healthy holiday eating, dieting and the whole losing weight thing and what not. Haven't we all? Or maybe, I should just speak for myself.
But in this new year when we are all about LOSING pounds, inches, wrinkles, basically everything. Maybe its time to turn our attention to gaining. What if everyone stopped worrying about losing weight and instead they chose to work on gaining confidence. What difference would it make in our community, state, society, world, and most importantly ourself? Think about this. If everyone was trying to gain happiness, courage, determination, confidence, self reliance, self control, individualism, love, patience, altruism, obedience, charity, much better our lives might be if we can focus on whats truly important. These life long characteristics that shape who we are as a a person, rather than a number on our clothes label. We should be more concerned about what we can gain from each other and for ourselves that will benefit us to become wholesome, enriching, uplifting people.

(post comment: i don't know. I am still thinking this concept through in my mind...I don't know if I explained precisely what I am getting at, and probably repeatedly things over and over again, but I hope it makes you think differently about this type of thing in life)


  1. This blog is so cute--just found you clicking through from Nat the Fat Rat! I've always thought I should make my sister a contributor on the blog. What a fun way to document sisterly love. :)



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