Wednesday, January 11, 2012


sitting in Grandpa Smith's chair,  Sept. '93
A memory--this is a staple Lewis tradition, that has now earned the ranks of being the all time best tradition we have ever had as a family. That is...Pop-Up Pancakes for our Birthday Breakfast. First, it is automatically better than yours because we don't use the correct title of "german pancakes," and secondly, when it is made, it immediately becomes the most coveted food known to man kind. Thirdly, when mom makes it, it just tastes better than anyone else. Its just got the perfect 'mom-touch' to it. You know what i mean.

eating cake and ice cream past my bedtime Oct. '94
This one is simple. A no brainer. But one of my most favorite childhood memories occurs on family road trips to Utah,  (which fortunately and unfortunately don’t happen anymore) but regardless, every trip dad would take us to this special Ice cream Shop/Shack where they served the most delicious soft served ice cream. Dad always requested us to pay for “tax” by letting him lick, or “fix” our ice cream. Dad, thanks to you, this will undoubtedly be a tradition I will have for my kids one day. (picture above might explain my ice cream feddish--since it started from a VERY early age :)


  1. I totally forgot about that tradition! Those were so fun!

  2. Emily, it looks like your late night ice cream fests started early in your life :) Love the cute pictures and memories.

  3. Ice cream is a good and health fetish. I wouldn't worry too much about it. BTW - I always have to "fix" my kids' soft serve ice cream cones.


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