Friday, December 9, 2011

in a drought

i'm currently in a blogging hiatus because of the finals forecast approaching. looks like dreary cloudy skies. with a great chance of rain (tears), and perhaps some thunder and lighting. but that is not has highly anticipated. the dark clouds are looming in, and the days will just be will be just dreary and dark.

okay. my oh so clever forecast-final-symbolic-analogy ends here.
my brain feels like an overloaded and over used hard drive that is just about to crash. literally.

i have spent on average 6 hours a day at home, and that includes sleep.
my roommate gemma and i have often taken advantage of the library's extended hours until 2am.
and now looking back, i laugh at all the other times throughout this semester that I thought were hard and stressful.

okay, i'm not making any sense anymore. probably because i can't think any more.
and i sat in one chair at the library and looked out the window to see pure day light. to leave the library and walk out into pitch black. if i got paid for everyone hour on campus, i'd be filthy rich.

i need to go watch a movie before i go hang myself or something.
but all you need to know:
i'm alive.
my bike was broken. got it fixed. picked it up tonight. rode home at 10pm in freaking freeezing cold. and it broke again. (me 0, bike 1)
treated myself to J-dawgs tonight. by myself. like a date. alone. weird....
and now i just have so much to do in the next 5ish days until i got to....

LAS VEGAS. bring it on baby.

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