Sunday, December 11, 2011

call me, Dr. Lewis

i'll admit up front i don't know a ton about college.
but pardon me, as i share a few flecks of gold, or as i like to say, my wealth of knowledge.
and not to worry...this has nothing to do with academics.
because i'm pretty sure i'm the last one you want to talk to about that.
say the word "physics" and i might just hurl.

1. placing the roll of toilet paper on the dispenser, will take a house full of girls at least 1 month.
i wish i knew why....

2. the garbage will not be taken out on its own. only the rule of "nose-goes" is how its funcitoned around here.

3. laundry. need i say more?
all in all, we basically see who can go the longest without having to do laundry. i usually win. not by my mothers wishes though.

4. ever have a problem? chocolate is the solution

5. and 4 girls to one bathroom--mind you most of them are on their period, we consider ourselves lucky if we don't finish 1 roll in a day.

6. we can always count on having one true friend, Danell, our pet fish.

7. and from statement #6, emily goes to try to make new friends after ward prayer, but then says the wrong thing...and then oh look, everyone hates her. #classy

8. no matter how close our church building may be (in my case less than 100 yards), we (and others) are still always late to church. I blame it on the 9am time.

9. be mindful of what you are wearing when you walk around w/ the blinds open. you don't realize until the end of the semester that the guys apt. directly across from you contains two astrology majors, therefore they have super-power binoculars. awesome. just awesome.

10. freshman girls.
eh...just thinking about the estrogen level gives me a headache.
gemma sold her camera today. so in honor of such an event. we tried to take some roommate pictures.
i promise we really aren't that vain....
gemma and i playing in the bathroom. she needed photos to send to a missionary.
so why did she ask me why looking like white trash? good question...


  1. #1 happens all the time in our house too. Why it is so hard to replace it is beyond me......
    And I loved # 9. I about died laughing

  2. I really liked your list Dr. Lewis! So funny! I love Gemma's haircut! Can I steal it? And I have one idea of why she asked you to pose with her while looking like 'white trash' - which you don't, but whatever!


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