Tuesday, November 8, 2011

reunion of 156.

it snowed here on sunday.
and i admit that ever since then i have been celebrating this snow with copious doses of hot chocolate.
alright, so don't judge. 

to break the fast I invited my summer roommates from wells 156 to come over and eat lunch.
it was an excellent excuse for me to actually cook something--other then instant oatmeal (which is proving to work as a stable diet these days).
i made some corn chowder (but it was so much better than last time). or, maybe it just tasted so good because i was fasting.....i haven't really decided yet. :)

my roommates (i can't believe i forgot to get a picture of us) and i, headed up to the CES fireside to hear President Boyd K. Packer. I surely hope that was not the last time we will hear from him. He loves the doctrine so much--and he is such an example to me because of the amount of influence he has had with CES. CES has been a big part of my life---and will hopefully be my profession!

A few notes from his talk:

-he counseled to "keep our spiritual debt paid off"--don't postpone repentance. do it now.
-he began by saying, "he had an unquenchable desire to bear testimony of the Father." (am i the same?)
-if you at first stumble, do not give up. if you confess your sins, do not look back.
-don't avoid personal contemplation or guilt conscious. you can always be forgiven, you can always change.
-you are not perfect, but you are moving along and trying.
-"come unto Him."

i'm astounded that i was able to hear the Prophet last week, President Packer on Sunday, and Elder Ballard--as well as a member of the 70 next Sunday. God is so good to us.

don't you wish you were at this lunch?

life is great. i don't want to waste any of my time here on earth--and hoping that i am making the best use of time. i'm realizing i can't do it all....and thats okay, but thats why we have our Father in Heaven's help. (read this talk for more on that) i also realized, that there is no such thing as mid-terms. its just more colleges ideas of continuous test and projects due all at the same time, every time. only 6 more weeks in the semester. and right now, the word on my mind is: endure.

but remember, this life is not to just be endured but to be happy along the way.


  1. recipes for those deliciousness???

  2. Emily, this is Dallin: you realize that married women aren't allowed to be seminary/institute teachers, right?


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