Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the final stage of life....for my phone

guess who's phone is just about to give up the ghost. yep. this one. after surviving a life of nearly 7 years, it has proven to be the most durable piece of machinery i know. oh my little kumquah, don't die on me yet. you've survived 4 other family members--please just last through me.

--thanks to my dad teaching us that  duct tape fixes everything. i've been using a good deal of tape to hold this sucker together. although its no longer shutting properly, it still works for now. tape and all.

so please just call me so the entire world can see this hideous piece of crap when i pull it out of my pocket. you would be doing us all a favor. 

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  1. You know that game catch phrase where you pass arouind the circle electronic device? And it always sucks when you are the las one holding it when the timer beeps? I feel like that phone is the game beifng passed around to all the family members and you are the one holding it when the timer beeps. Sorry!


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