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Religion: Luke 1 & 2

New Testament 211
BYU Class Notes: Brother Tyler Griffin

Introduction to New Testament

Prophet= Chosen vessel, one who does not just believe, but knows and experiences being in the presence of God
·      When we listen to the prophet, we can become a witness of God when we have the Spirit come into our heart to testify of truth.        

Historical Background:
·      Alexander the Great conqueror the Palestine's, and he wanted to be as bad as they could with out getting out of their Judaism.

·      Romans have conquered when Jesus comes. Sadducee's=higher in class, but wicked. (when Jesus cleansed he temple, the Sadducee's were there). Pharisees= poor in class, but hold onto doctrine.

·      Literacy rate= 5% (Sad., Phar. Scribes)
·      Aramaic= Babylon language. Peter had Mark record his testimony because he probably wasn’t literate.

·      Jesus fulfilled the old law, created the New Law.

John 1:1-3: What Child is This?

1.     You have an idea you want to communicate
2.     Have this code, arbitrary idea
3.     Speak it or write it
4.     Receive the medium that was presented
5.     Decode
6.     Understand what person A is communicating

St. John got his first lessons from John the Baptist.
If God has something He wants you to understand, Jesus Christ is the go between and the messenger of the covenant.

John 1: 14= doctrine of Condescension
            He brought Heavenly glory with Him, but he came in flesh-like us.

Luke 1
Contrast between Zacharias & Mary (mother of Jesus)
Couldn’t have children (tried)
Had a child (didn’t try)
Old, male
Young, female
Response to angel (didn’t believe)
Response to angel (believed quickly)
Angel appeared to him in the temple
Angel appeared to her in home
Not married

How doubtful was Zacharias?
Acts 1= Proluge of Luke
            Writing to Theophilas (Theo=God)
                                                   (Philo= Friend of God)
            Luke was writing to Theophilas, but by default he was writing to us, because aren’t we all a “Friend of God.”

Luke 1:9
            Incense burning= prayer
                        Customary to burn right in front of veil which is next to the holies of holies. Prayers go up symbolically to the Lord with this sweet smelling smell. It was a s close as they could get to heaven.

Luke 1:11—Angel Appears
            Mary= not fearful of appearance, not troubled
“Fear not” =most angelic phrase (v.13)
            Life long lesson: prayers are answered…always.
“It is easier to say, Lord they will be done, then Lord thy timing be done.”—Elder Neal A. Maxwell

God cares more about who you are becoming than who you are no. So trial of your faith is now, so hold on.

Luke 1:18
            You don’t need a sign from an angel, the angel is enough.
Zacharias can’t become a father because he won’t tell Herod where John is, so Herod kills him.

John  “wild man”. John is thrown into Prison. Jesus’ ministry rises.

            John, his dad, his mom—constantly forsaken and eventually beheaded.
                        He was the forerunner of Christ, not only on earth but also in the Spirit world. Satan wants you to think his life was awful, but John would  have lived 10,000 lives to prepare the way for Christ.
                        John was given Aaronic Priesthood, another way he was acting as the forerunner for the 2nd Coming.

Differences between doubting and having questions:
·      Mary’s not doubting, but there is nothing wrong with having lots of questions
·      Don’t let questions get too big to overpower what you know in your heartàso always go back to what you know—the simple basic truths.

Luke 1:38

Luke 2—Christ’s Birth

Personal application:
            Stars. Symbolic power of a nero star. People would look to stars for directionsà worldly application.

Inn’s (v.7)
            Elder Maxwell “we are innkeepers and we have to decide if we have room for Jesus.”

Star= in movies (main actors/characters), look to for directions. Christ saves the Nephites as the first things He does in mortal life. Because the Nephites would have been killed if He didn’t come.

Taxes= census of Caesar Augustus, wants to know everything in his dominion.

Joseph= heir to David’s Throne.

Bethlehem= House of Bread
            Bethlehem= 5 mi. south of Jerusalem where they kept the Passover flock. These Shepard's were watching over this sheep that would soon be taken to the temple to be sacrificed. Because Christ was born in the Spring.

Luke 2: 13à Heavenly Hosts (that’s me!)
          2: 14= Prince of Peace. Think about it.

Significance of Offerings.
            Offer bowl= Really Rich
            Offer lamb= Medium
            Offer doves=very poor (condescension)
Simeon (Luke 2:34, 35)
            This baby was born for everyone.
Anna=really old, waiting for His birth.

Our Picture of Christ.
            When we hear the word Christ. We often thing of the resurrected, glorified, perfect, and powerful Christ. But once a year, He wants us to bend a knee at His manger and worship Him. With that image, no one can ever be intimidated by the One who came to earth to save us all.

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