Wednesday, November 2, 2011

frozen head to toe.

in case you feel like your life sucks right now.
let me humor you on the dealings of my life currently, and you might, just might feel better about yours.
  • i just failed a test. legitimately. am i sad? yes. am i laughing? yes. 
  • i currently only have 1 glove--probably due to the fact i haven't done laundry in about 3-4 weeks. so....what do i use instead. my ever so trusty one sock. (yep, can't find the mate to that one either. they must be a perfect pair.)
  • my lunch & dinners have currently consisted of vending machine grub. this is teaching me tolerance, thats for sure. too bad tonight, i was hoping for some good brain food for my test, and sure enough i bought a breakfast burrito. (stupid me, i punched in the wrong # code). if there are two words that i hate in this life, they are breakfast burritos. that is the one food item i seriously can not stomach. probably because someone made me eat one of my 18th birthday and i found way too many eggshells in my burrito to consider it healthy. my life expectancy just dropped dramatically. 
  • every morning i find my bike seat frozen. entirely. it doesn't really help biking when it feels like -4 degrees. lets just say, i have a new found appreciation for the pioneers. 
  • i still have yet to turn in a paper that was due on Monday at 5. time management is definitely in my favor thats for sure. 
  • i was the last one working today. basically, no one cared that my job was finished so they let me stay 20 mins after the shift was over to finish my job. nice, real nice. 
  • as a matter of food. i have 1 egg. 1/2 gallon of milk. stale cereal. and butter. those foods combined can seriously make a wondrous meal. (my pancake mix bag finally gave up the ghost a few nights ago. I had a ceremonial throwing away moment in my heart. only for a second.)
  • my "to do" list that rings on my computer of reminders of things i need to do, is currently at a whopping 15 items left undone. awesome. 
  • yesterday it rained. all day. being the true oregonian i am...i wasn't worried. but alas, i was wet from 9:30am-6pm. that basically sucked. 
  • after tomorrow i don't have a test until next thursday. huzzah. that is beauty. 
  • it is currently no shave November (oh wait, i started that 2 weeks ago.) which is great for me. but i think my number of friends just decreased by half...i feel like thats being generous. 
the one sock and one glove wonder. 

so basically... life is splendid. i'm alive. i have eyes. ears. a nose. so i'm great. just life (and everything i didn't mention) don't seem to be working out in my favor. but let me tell you this....

in honor of November. i'll be doing 5 things I'm grateful for each day. 

TOUCH: I get to hold a pen in my hand which has allowed me to unlock so much knowledge from this world as I write notes over and over again from lectures and talks. the pen is a powerful outlet in my life.

EYES: I see the beautiful snow covered mountains encircling around me. That in itself is a reminder why I love this place. 

HEAR: I heard the inspired, sincere, heartfelt words of the Prophet, President Monson as he spoke to my university, and through the spirit personally to me. 

SMELL: I get to smell the crisp autumn air that is bitterly cold but always refreshing. 

TASTE: I taste the sweetness of the holidays. I too often forget that i don't have any health issues that limit me from eating....anything. 

God is good to us. So go and be happy. Serve. Be thankful and....
don't postpone joy. 

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  1. Wow! I thought I had bad day yesterday but the fact that I didn't have a breakfast
    Burrito for dinner but amazing homemade pizza, makes me appreciate my life. Now, go finish that paper that was due 4 days ago. I can only imagines moms expressions as she reading your post


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