Sunday, October 30, 2011

hallows eve party

i almost declined the moment to blog--because of being highly comatose thanks to the halloween candy.
but that would mean i have to do my laundry. and at midnight, that doesn't fancy me so much. (think i can get away with not doing laundry until i go home for Thanksgiving? we'll see....)
so i'll blog instead.

the dwelling place: em's apt.

(mom: thanks to reliv cans...we have a lovely display--who knew they would become so useful! :)

the attendees:
(keep in mind, alot of the people that were going to come, got sick, were out of town, or at another one of the 39472 halloween parties--so props to those who came)

ashley nelson. probably one of my kindred spirits in life.
gemma. she wins the best roommate award for driving me to maceys and DI today to prep for the party.
craig walker. if this picture doesn't make you laugh. something is wrong with you. he'll be serving in bolivia in december.
jorgen davidson. thanks to his sweet meal plan has helped fund party goods and my pantry.
(and Zac his roommate, is not pictured)
in case you were wondering what i might possibly dress up....have no fear, i was an M&M. since it fits my name quite appropriately...eM.

although i hate the halloween holiday, it was nice to gather and do something "different." this fall has been sorta of semester of being anti-social, and to bring some chaos in our apt. probably did us some good. we made caramel apples, and demonstrated throwing-and-catching-in-peoples-mouth skills, and eating. of course. probably the most fundamental part of the was splendid.

until next holiday....
(my personal favorite is coming ugly sweater birthday party--i guess i'm just bias because it'll be my birthday.)

 and ashley's roommate came too. and pulled some tae kwon do moves on me.
basically just imagine her standing there--and me wincing in anticipating, before she even does anything. thats how it went down. she claims she doesn't carry a rape whistle with her. me on the other hand, keep my whistle in my mouth when i'm biking in the dark. i can't believe i just admitted that in public.


  1. What about Thanksgiving?!? I am in concurrence, though- Ugly-sweater season is pretty fantastic :) It looks like you found a pretty good group to practice your party hosting on until that wonderful time of year

  2. you are quite the host! Your carmel apples looked delish and I LOVE your decorations!


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