Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tales from the sick

there are a few things I've discovered in my lifetime about myself, and one of them is clear that i probably have the lowest immunity of all time. lets face it. I missed 1 month of school in 3rd grade because i had a series of a virus, then strep, then virus, then strep. the time i came home from the hospital after being tested for mono was probably the highlight of my year. (you want to know why? because i got a sick looking bandage on my arm where they drew the blood for testing.) I became accustomed to living a sick life. I probably watched the Disney movies more than any other child. I was a master at Lincoln Logs and Legos and the Beauty and the Beast 350 piece puzzle. But my sick days came to an end real quick when I started drinking Reliv religiously everyday. Lets just say that from then on, I never missed a day of school because of illness. Considering 0% immunity, I was able to be on the go from 5:30 am-midnight on a regular basis because i was taking reliv. So you get an idea of my less than functioning life I would have early morning seminary. Have school for 6 hours. Attending Private violin or piano lesson (depending on the day), go back to the school for Journalism Production, then Oregon Youth Orchestra  or Beauty and the Beast --the High School Musical reherseals/Performances until 12pm, or my weekly babysitting job. That day didn't even include time to do HW or have a small extent of a social life. But that truly wouldn't have been possible without reliv.

Last week when I was in the heat of midterms I would end up spending 10 hour days on campus and work and failed to get in my reliv shake, and I paid for it. I got really sick for a couple days, then got better then last night I faced the toilet bowl head on, as it asked for my food from the night before. Its always the most unpleasant experience especially when you've gotten no sleep--and you know its inevitable. So today i've managed to lay in bed for probably a good 8 hours moaning in pain, crying like a baby, and wanting to cut my body off. I'm working on eating this entire package of Saltines and gatorade and reliv and water and sprite. My roommates are mandating that I wear a mask around my mouth so i don't germify anything else. And....they've deep cleaned the bathroom, and all the doorknobs so there are tissues next to the front door for people to use to open the door.

What you'll see if you come to our apt. :


  1. Umm. That's depressing. Hope they are also comforting and helping you feel better. Surprised they didn't make you sleep in the bathtub. Get better quick Em!

  2. hahaha, the mask look, looks good on you! :) GET BETTER BUBS!

  3. Hope you feel like a new person tomorrow. Yeah Reliv!!! Keeps me healthy all year long! Love it!!!

  4. looks like your sickness helped you find your bed again. Congrats! So sorry you're sick! No fun...esp when Mom's not there, huh? I remember being sick for the first time at college and realizing no one was going to take care of me. Such a bummer! Gary got really sick Sunday and Monday...thought it was your food! :) We've had some come and go sickness...hope we didn't bring it with us on Sunday!


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