Thursday, October 20, 2011

pretending to be feminine

i grew up a tom-boy.
fact: in the first grade, i refused to wash my favorite pair of socks for an entire month, because i was afraid of losing them amongst 8 other siblings socks.
solution: my mother told me that my 1st grade teacher--who i absolutely adored--called and said that my feet smelled and that i needed to wash my socks. i was devastated. and with that i handed over the rotten smelling socks to my mother.

fact: i wore a pair of over-sized basketball shorts, YMCA t-shirt, and byu sweatshirt, every single day of 5th grade. And I can recall my hair being pulled back into a pony tail everyday, with the exception of picture day. that was for my mother.

but, to my dismay, i'm afraid my tom-boy days have to be officially over. I'm at a university now. (laugh).
and thats what big kids do--dress and act their gender. Check out Deut 22:5.

so, i'm always looking for solutions to dress myself up--in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Because I do like my beauty sleep. So I came across a tutorial that has probably changed my life for the better. I'll post the tutorial tomorrow. but for now, i wanted to share with you the product of easiness at its finest.

the best part= i don't have to use a curling iron.

don't fret my thin-haired-sister, curls have never held in my hair for an entire day, okay, lets face it, an entire span of 3 hours, but this works. i even bike up and down hill and it still is holding. oh, alas, i am happy.

(sorry for the vain shot--but it was just so you can get a better idea)
okay. got to go to class. SEE YA.


  1. Ring by Spring for you my dear ;)
    Now, can you transfer some of your motivation to get ready to me?

  2. I LOVE IT!! I wish you could help me. Even with a tutorial mine does not come out that great!

  3. Ah!! So cute! Yes I'm afraid young lad that you are going to get married before me :) I want to know how you do it!

  4. I like the feminine look. And the scripture was awesome. How did you find that?!?


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