Monday, October 17, 2011

a mid term love affair

school is great. i rather enjoy learning so many new things. but these mid terms--that have lasted for an entire month. can really die right now. lets just light it on fire and let them burn. 
pardon me. I should probably sensor my words and make this more PG.
but 4 of my hardest mid terms this week. 1 next week. and 2 last week. ahhhh.
did i mention that i completed my anthro mid term in the course of 1 night. The assignment was basically the equivalent to an assignment i had my junior year of high school. and lets just say our class spent months, and months preparing for that 10-15 page paper, when i cranked it out in 1 night. hmmm...i should've learned something by now. 
also, it was 9 pm on Friday night. I had a paper due at midnight. I thought to myself, well now is a good time to watch the movie i'm suppose to write about. watched it. wrote the paper and turned it in with 15 mins. to spare. 
is this method practical? no, not really. workable? i suppose so. College like? absolutely. 

i went out side to study since i didn't want to bike to school...and this is what i look at...BEAUTIFUL. 
i love that in UT, we get ONE tree that changes colors, and in OR, the leaves are changing EVERYWHERE. 

 i found the BEST spot in the library to study. a little cubicle. its awesome. i don't get cell service down there, and slow Internet connection so it FORCES me to study. i end up spending more time there in that chair then I do at my own apt. and I suppose just the act of studying in the library makes my intelligence factor go up about 60%!
and for posterity's sake....i made homemade corn chowder! it was delicious. and that night I also had homemade bread and homemade almond milk. (and broiled the asparagus). pretty domestic! 

okay. going to study now. 
live in fear, mid terms are here.


  1. Right now I can honestly say I miss Utah during the fall time. It seriously is the prettiest place during the fall. SO it looks like you have upgraded from your favorite spot in the bathroom to a cubicle in the library! NICE WORK!

  2. thats because I felt awkward trying to study while 2 women were pumping their milk.....yeah, only at byu.

  3. Sorry to rub it in Ems, but it's a GORGEOUS fall day over here in the NW. As soon as the girls walk through the door, we're headed to the park to soak in the beautiful autumn air. Hang in there with mid-terms. Somehow we all survived.

  4. p.s. the corn chowder looks yummy and boiled asparagus is 100 times better than cheerios and brownies, so way to go!

  5. Yes! This looks delicious and nutritious! Loved the autumn tree!


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