Thursday, November 17, 2011

life in rewind.

President Monson speaking at BYU Devotional
11.1.11 President Monson spoke to the BYU Students at our weekly devotional. Everyone skipped class to try to get good seats, but when i knew i had no chance, i went to my first class anyways. I enjoyed the 5th highest row in the Marriott Center. I didn't really care...I was there and that was good enough for me. This was the highlight of my freshman year.

Some highlights from his talk:
-Each of you is one of a kind
-1 Timothy 4:12--Followers of Christ should be as a lights to the world. Light is something that illuminates--just like a light switch in a dark world.
-"When you choose to follow Christ, you choose to be changed. And changed me and women can change the world."-Ezra Taft Benson
-Knowing the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon is the most important education.
-"You are more then you have become, Remember, remember who you are."- Lion King

At the end of his talk when he quoted Lion King....
I knew that President Monson+Lion King=profundity.
This last Sunday we had Elder M. Russell Ballard, from the quorum of the twelve Apostles come speak to my Stake Conference, held in the HFAC on campus.

A few highlights:
-Perfection is a process, not an event.
-We are the future leaders of the Kingdom of God, we will be prepared.
-Get married. I'm not going to go on about this, because we can talk about it until the cows come home, and that won't solve anything. So do it, have faith.
-Rule your life with Faith.
-There are impulses in our life to call someone, or write a note to someone, don't ignore them. DO IT. Follow the promptings of the Spirit. When Pres. Monson gets a prompting, HE MOVES.
-Feed your Spirit by doing the simple things-pay tithing, read scriptures, pray, let the Lord know you are on His side, and He will direct your life. He will help you in your classes and to do well in this university.

-A really special part at the end was when he pronounced a blessing upon us as a Stake. It was powerful, and i'll share a few things he said,
"May your desire to know this Lord increase. May your ability to balance everything in life increase. Keep you safe from harm & protect you from the evils of the world, and may your family be blessed. May you be prepared in every way possible the leadership of the church. "

"Jesus Christ is for me the same for you. Our best friend."


  1. Emily you are so lucky to have been there! I enjoy reading the highlights

  2. Really awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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