Monday, November 14, 2011

peace out, Provo

my blog is where i post the most monumental events that are happening in my life, right? right. so let me to explain to you my plans in 3 words. PEACE. OUT. PROVO. emily is going to Belize come spring/summer terms. I know, i know, i'm sorta throwing all my plans out the window. but...lets just say i'm highly considering this. One of my best friends will be the Country Director for HELP International (the organization I would go through), so that be a double plus. don't judge or hate me too much.
if you want to sponsor me...i'd probably love you forever.

and for all my readers (hi mom!) don't fret. I still have time, so if things don't go as plan, maybe i can do this summer 2013. 


  1. I love how one of your best friends is actually one of mine? haha too funny and weird.... ;)


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