Sunday, November 20, 2011

the julia of two of a kind

the sister just left me.

we probably had too much fun. it should be considered illegal.
we went bridesmaid dress shopping with Danielle's (future S-I-L) mom & sister. they rock.
we also went straight to Danielle's BYU senior violin recital. She basically rocked the house.
i was seriously stunned, amazed, in awe, and everything in between.
Danielle's bridal shower followed the recital, and in between I got to walk around byu with mom and julia. between all of these events i think i was fed the best that day than any other day in college.
moral of the story=wedding events bring about great food! :)
that night we went to the byu football game, basically dominated that too.

double proof that we went to the game.
below you'll see Cosmo dressed up as batman, directing the BYU Marching Band.
(they play batman's theme song)

julia came to church w/ me and i was able to play a piano arrangement of "For the Beauty of the Earth." (hymn no. 92). That was the first special musical number i've done since i was nervous. we had a great sunday block, and afternoon cooking together.
julia was awesome to have around.

she has gotta be my best friend.

it was so fun to have her hang out with me this weekend...and then to hang out with her this coming week at home. i've always looked up to julia since we were little. and i still do everyday.
she lives a life that is different than any other person. she is kind, sweet, gentle, doesn't speak ill of anyone, the best scriptorian, love for service and extremely compassionate.
after she left my roommate said, "there is no one that could possibly hate her, she is just way too nice."

i agree.


  1. Ahhhhh.... SO SWEET!!! You just made me really miss Julia! I really hope I get to see you two this week. Please make time for me. My whole family has deserted me and I would LOVE a movie night or something with you two!

  2. I agree, i think ALL the Lewis girls are pretty spectacular women.

  3. That was a very sweet post. Your sister must feel loved. One comment though, capitalize the I on "I agree" ;] ha sorry....


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