Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thanksgiving part I

i've been putting blogging off, and avoiding it like the plague, but...all the nieces and nephews are in what else are you suppose to do!?

Words of Wisdom for the Ride Board:
          probably don't use it, if you can avoid it at all costs. the guy i went with figured it'd be a good idea to drive 95-100mph the entire way. (mind you Oregon speed limit is 65mph). oh...did i mention texting this entire time too. Yeah, good one man. I wanted to say, "i don't know about you, but i'd kind of really like to make it home alive. you know, just sayin." I think i forgot to breathe for the last hour as we were hydroplaning in the rain...and dark. overall we made a 13 hr drive in 8.5 hours. Thats not a good sign. Moral of the Story: reconsider putting yourself on deaths line when using the ride board. just sayin.

How to Have the best Thanksgiving Ever:
         come to OREGON.
i'm in BABY HEAVEN here.
here is the low down:
2 Parentals
6 Sisters
3 Brother in laws
12 Nieces and Nephews (# of kids beats the # of adults)

mom and i baked apple pies all day today. finishing a whopping 6 of them.
okay, and humor me for my most favorite pie i've made yet....
a Mac APPLE pie. get it?  cute, eh? yeah, steve jobs should love me or something.
and i maid a braided interlace (what are they even called!?) apple pie. it was pretty gourmet. i knew elementary school was good for something.

the highlights:

baking with miss kenna.
thanksgiving began with....
the Macy's parade on our 3 inch black and white tv--that you cross your fingers for it to work.
and lots of baking.

each person was in charge of making a certain food...but julia decided to ditch gresham and sleep over with the vances and williams in washington, so i had to take double duty and do the mashed potatoes and sweet potato pies. lets just say those are not minor technicalities of the thanksgiving feast. so i was under pressure for this to be the best yet. lets just say, i made a few mistakes that ended up making it the best overall potatoes i've ever had. i am probably a bit bias though.

 and we were eating like kings and queens as we used only the finest of china we had.

Thanksgiving is the best. 
God has been so good to my family this year, i just wanted to document a few things:
I'm so grateful  for my family; the Gospel that keeps me grounded on the strait path; trials that help us to grow and improve; being accepted to BYU; a solid hard work ethic; my talents; safety; the scriptures; books, books, and more books; the little things in life that make it so comfortable--toothbrushes, hot water, plumbing, electricity; technology--okay, i'm little obsessed with apple products, food glorious food, a job--even when i don't enjoy it, transportation that allows me to see my family. 
We have seen miracles this year as 3 babies were born, and 1 child will be married, and 2 grandchildren baptized. My parents also are also reaping benefits of their hard work in their business, that has allowed them to travel to various parts of the world. 
Forgive me for getting alittle personal, but...
Most of all, I am so grateful for my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I cannot begin to comprehend the love that He has for each individual, but I will be forever grateful for the perfect and matchless life He lived, so that He could atone and die for our sins, trials, tribulations, sorrows, pains, sickness, and all that we will experience in this life. I am so grateful for the Restoration of the Gospel in the fullness of times, I am grateful to know what I know and to have the Holy Ghost with me always. What a blessing and gift that is....I love this gospel, I love my family, and I love my life. 
God has blessed us so well. 

Part II to be continued. 

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  1. Wowie! I can't wait for part II! I had no idea that all your sisters and their families were here for Thanksgiving! That is SO cool! We'll have to make time, even for just a few hours, over Christmas break.


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