Tuesday, September 6, 2011

some recent happenings

humor me, while i rack my brain of things i can blog about and enlighten (or humor) your life with. since that does seem like an often occurance...making fun of emily's life. furthermore. i have textbooks calling my name. but my bed is too. the soft sweet feel or jersey sheets make college livable. yes, they were a few extra dollars at target, but i assure you, they were more than worth it. (thank you mother.)

today, i indulged in cafe rio pork salad. and when i mean indulge, it really was indulging. after today, i swear to myself, i will only eat that platter of sweety delicious goodness on special occasions because i swear it just doubled my chance of a heart attack. just the thought of cafe rio makes my heart beat fast, or feel like butter sliding down a piece of hot toast. its undescribable.

on another note. i ate 4.5 cookies and a bowl of ice cream for dinner. so today better not be repeated for  a long long time.
and humor me, a missionary friend (please, emphasize the FRIEND), sent me an email with pictures of his mission, so for histories sake, i'll share one. or two with you. feel honored.

okay. time to go study, even though in order for this study sesh, i took a 20 min. nap so i could bear all this reading. getting home at 9:30 from a work meeting, and having classes all day, just doesn't give you enough time in the day. so here is to being scholastic. something i'm trying to be.


  1. cafe rio sounds amazing right now....and lets be honest, so does 4.5 cookies and a bowl of icecream.

  2. It's Derek! My favorite! ;) and what kind of cookies?


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