Friday, September 2, 2011

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so i am pumped. today has been one heck of a day.
i was on campus for 12 hours...and the thought that i have to be back there for a lab in less then 10 hrs is alittle discouraging. oh well. President Erying in his 1997 talk, "A Child of God", said that one of the main attributes of a leaner is to "plow through adversity."

but...the good news of the day is...
i applied and was chosen to participate in the Women's Athletic Research.
What this means is..

  • I'll be required to wear a pedometer for 6-7 months, and i'll be responsible for downloading the info of it on my computer every 2 weeks and submitting it.
  • I'm also asked to reach a certain number of steps each day for them
  • I will be tested monthly to see growth in muscle mass, healthiness, etc. 
  • I will record a monthly food diet account. 
  • best part...i get paid $150!!!!! (FREE MONEY!) :)
I'm stoked! i'm doing it with my roommate Gemma. So this should be way fun. I go in for my first test on Friday where i'll perform a series of exercise i we will see how this all turns out :)

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  1. Very cool. I participated in a research study on young children and their attachment to 'mother.' Glenn was just the right age for the study. I still have the video from our sessions (on VHS). The best part? I got paid too. Oh, and I discovered that Glenn was really attached to me:)


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