Thursday, September 8, 2011

college lesson 101: a keeper

fact: i live in wyview. the farthest housing away from campus to still be considered "on-campus" housing. its title of "on campus" is quite deceiving since its out in the boondocks of provo. literally.
to say you trek up hill both ways through the snow might be an understatement.

okay, okay, okay, maybe not that bad...but you get the idea. however, being a 30-40 minute walk (one way) from campus it makes it quite inconvenient when you're running late to class and you possess no form of transportation (bike, car, bus pass.) nothing, nada, zero.

so, i've been running an experiment as of late to test how i can best and most efficiently get from point a (wyview), to point b (campus). its simple.
the days i curl my hair and wear a skirt, i get picked up by boys in their cars. SCORE. (side note: I should add that i was quite surprised because I figured my outfit was fashion suicide today as i wore a Mexico blouse--compliments of the roommate, and a skirt, and chacos, rather unusual combination to say the least.)
the days i go in jeans, tennies, and a t-shirt, i don't even get smiles.
but, this theory and experiment has been proved successful twice now!

it bugs me to pieces when cars drive RIGHT pass you in the wyview parking lot while you're walking with your backpack that probably weighs 1/2 the amount as you...wait, that'd be 1/4 of the amount in my case. (just kidding). lesson learned.

p.s. funny, since this happened today, turns out the guy (from Ohio) in the car was in my cousin Whitney Lewis's ward his freshman year, and she was his very first college date. Go figure right.

p.s.s. did i forget to mention that i'm actually in my art history class right now, probably considered purpously failing since i've been writing this...but, not to worry...i'll live. :)


  1. hahahaha! You crack me up.

    ps. are you ever scared jumping in a car with a random guy!?!

  2. HAHHAHA!!!! Lily would be SO proud of you! I can't wait to read this post to her. When I tell her about your theory she will probably say, "Well, duh, I've known that theory for ages, but good for Emily to finally figure it out." I am laughing so hard now!

    You are really funny and awesome. I am just sorry that I read in a more recent post that this theory was disproved this week. Bummer!


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