Sunday, September 11, 2011

byu vs. texas

so yesterday i had to work the lunch and dinner shift at the mtc yesterday. which is no beuno. because...that meant i wouldn't be able to watch the byu game vs. texas. but, i lucked out because the guy i was subbing for, also had another sub. so...i got off the hook. i came home just in time for kick off.
i invited my friend melissa over (knew her from summer term) and we made pizza and watched the game.
it was a sad day in provo town to see the cougs lose.
so we ate away our sorrow with ice cream.
 proof and documentation that i can make things out of a can. :)

i even put on my byu shirt for the game. true dedication right there.
p.s. i might or might not have stolen that shirt unintentionally. :)

 the glorious pizza that i made. and since i didn't have a rolling pin..i used a can of soup instead. genius.
 melissa didn't like my selection of food.
i know that this a crap picture..but during the end of summer term they had graduation and they lit the Y. and since i didn't have a came out quite blurry.


  1. Nice job on the pizza bubs! Your sister is so proud of you!

  2. i actually really like the picture of the Y. it reminds me of when you hold a fistful of crayons and scribble, creating the same mess of lines multiple times.


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