Monday, September 12, 2011

for the record

remember when i spilled my weeping wails of being homeless, friendless, foodless, and basically everything '-less', well, I just for my history sake, I wanted to mention some of my helps during my time of desperate struggle.

 these are my good friends...the Sybrowsky Family. They are heaven sent. I love their family and they were so kind to host me for days. They even let me drive their mini van around to get me to church, and the stores. They are such faithful members of the gospel, and they inspire me to be better. Their daughters are the best! They called me their older sister and they were the younger sisters that i never had! They were so kind to take me out to dinner with the entire Sybrowsky Family (yes, the extended family, so basically, I ate dinner with a General Authority--and visited their house too--because Bishop Sybrowsky's dad is in the 2nd Quorum of the 70. ) What blessed people they are, and I will always remember their kindness. The "bennett" sisters: Rachel, Hannah, Eliza, Kate, Hope (just like Pride & Prejudice).
And the temple. My most favorite place in Provo, UT. I get the opportunity to attend the temple after each shift i work at the MTC. Since its sooo close, I never want to miss the opportunity. I love it. Love it. LOVE it. The only reason I would ever want to be married at this age, was so that I could be endowed and work at the temple weekly or more often then that. In OR we would have to drive 45 mins to get to the temple (only by appt. and now, I can walk  25 mins up from my apt. and i'm there!)
The temple is the best!
"When we live righteously and have 
received the ordinances of the temple, 
everything else is in the hands of the Lord."
-Elder Richard G. Scott

p.s. did i mention....I was present in the Marriott Center when Elder Dallin H. Oaks and his wife spoke to the YSA on 9-11-11, and tomorrow for devotional, I get to hear from Elder Neil L. Anderson...two general authorities in 3 days....i'm seriously loving life right now!


  1. I love how you take every opportunity to attend the temple. You inspire me!


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