Monday, September 26, 2011

me and pepe

say hello to pepe. my bike. (although this isn't my EXACT bike, just invision a girl version of it.)

but this is what pepe and i basically looked like as i biked home from the grocery store. 
my backpack was filled to the brim--i swear the zipper was going to break.
it was quite a sight--one that won't be forgotten. 
as i placed an item in my cart, i reconsidered the unfortunate fact that i would biking with it. and then i proceeded to quickly place said item back on shelf. 
this method definitely kept my food cost down. 

did i mention that i stood in the Yam section for good ten minutes trying to figure out what qualified as a good yam. and since i was at a lower end market (thats all my college budget can afford), flys and bugs flew around everytime i lifted a yam...
not sure if it was a pile of yams, or a pile of compost. 

so this is what is like to live on your own. 
everyday is an adventure to say the least. 
but thanks to good ol' pepe...we get around Provo quite well.

i'm going to actually go cook something now (besides cookies or pancakes *gasp* thats a first)


  1. hey hey my domestic sister, how did your shepherds pie turn out?

  2. That is so funny! What a great name for a bike! What market was it? I could name few lower end markets in Provo hmmmm.....


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