Friday, September 23, 2011

BYU for the WIN

it was friday night lights at LaVell Edwards Stadium. 
and instead of leaving early from a horrible lost (last week is still rough), 
we walked away skipping, happy, and thrilled to be winners!
 Amanda and everyone else is an EMILY
 oh beautiful summer/fall nights in provo. i love the weather here. (well, we will if i say that in the winter) but for now, its wonderful. i still find myself in awe that i am here, at this great university.
The hand of the Lord is present in all things.
 SCOREBOARD. PROOF, that we can WIN!
 This was probably the most wonderful 2 half I have ever enjoyed watching. And with the first TD we celebrated with some churros! I swear it was a good omen that let us win the rest of the game!
 EMILY LYBBERT. one of the coolest emily's, besides myself of course.
HOW YOU DO YOU SPELL AWESOME? = EMILY (emily Lybbert, emily Lewis, emily Kelsey--our moms must be alot of alike. funny story, emily Lybberts and i are just exactly a month apart, and emily Kelsey and I donated our hair with in two days of each other this past April...weird!)

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  1. not sure why my blog didn't show me your updated posts until now but.....I loved it! I love that you wrote the Lord's hand is in all things and the next picture was the score board BYU 24 UCF 17. Yes. I think we had some heavenly help during that game. jk Thats funny your friends all have the name of Emily. How do you refer to each other so you don't confused?


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