Tuesday, September 27, 2011

happy birthday google!

Happy 13th Birthday Google!

Thank you for gracing this world with your presence. Because you are the ultimate source of knowledge in this world. We'd be lost with out you. And although against your will, I existed for 5 years with out knowledge, until you were born. Because of this loss, i've been blocking those 5 years out.

And because of you google--let us bask in your wonderful glory.

Happy Birhtday...I think i'll go celebrate with a piece of pie, for you.
I'm so nice.

xo, ems

p.s. everyone google "chrome extensions" it'll change your life! plus if you go to googles main page, you can change the background--which i've never really been partial to because i like everything plain and original--but if you wanted you could even do a picture of your family. pretty sweet, huh?
yeah, we like google. you can stick around for awhile. 

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