Thursday, September 29, 2011

a General--(specific)--Conference

today in my new testament class we talked about that General Conference, and opportunity to listen to our Living Prophet on the earth today, is a time where the living Apostles speak to the World-Wide LDS church generally, and on general topics/principles of our gospel. 
But, let us not forget that we can make this a Specific Conference for ourselves. 
I am so excited about Conference this weekend, this weekend is better than Christmas, my birthday, and graduation combined. I live for Conference. 

I always am inspired to improve my life in so many ways after conference, I am excited for new change, challenges, goals, and the motivation to become more like My Father in Heaven. 
Its not enough for me to know that truthfulness of the church, i have to BE that example. 

(i know its get the point)

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  1. I like that this should be a "specific" conference! What a neat way to put it!


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