Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hold your applause

remember how i promised a clogging video.
well, i really just promised to do social suicide. thats right.

but to appease you, i bring you humiliation in its finest form of 48 seconds.
so do me the honors and watch me clog.

thats right. you know i just rocked.

p.s. oh wait, i just watched it...and somehow, something got messed up--but you can't hear half the clogging. which was the whole point. :( so, someother day i'll try. but not today. i want to breathe first. 


  1. Oh, it brought back memories of my clogging days at BYU :) Isn't that the best and most fun exercise?

  2. did all of us girls take clogging? I didn't know Ondalynn did it too! the little part I heard sounded great! Post more

  3. a- you are really cool for taking clogging
    b- i miss those legs! (they look pretty clean if you know what i mean miss no shave-ever!)

  4. Hey, you're not half bad! Keep it up. Someday you'll be as good as me:) Oh, and yes, I agree, clogging is a great form of exercise!


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