Sunday, September 18, 2011

RED ALL OVER (byu lost)

if you were wondering, i'm still mourning the loss of the tragic game of byu vs. utah. our school rivals.
this loss was a greater heartbreak then anything i've experienced.
but i have to say it was my first byu game ever, which was pretty epic. since we were on the 26th row of the North side of the stadium and even better, i got to be with ALL the cousins.
We had a pre-party at my apt. with some delicious grub and some pre-game watching.
it was so fun to see the streets lined with "Rise Up" flags & everyone on campus earlier that day was wearing blue. i loved it.

but, this was byu lewis territory. 


  1. I miss Provo during the football season. It's always so much fun. Terrible game but it looked like the company made up for it!

  2. How fun for you to get to be a part of this! Even though the team lost.... So sad... It looks like you cousins had fun!


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