Thursday, September 22, 2011

i've found true love

love. is the real reason we are at byu right?
well, i have gasping, earth-shatteirng, hold the phone news.
i've fallen in love. 

(and not to a person)
this is the part where you should be worried. 

but alas, i present my true love....

its unfortunate we haven't met until now. but now that we've met. we probably wont separate. (hint hint, mom --my birthday/christmas is in 3 months!)

this is actually my friends kitchen-aid from my ward. but i promised her i'd let her eat a few cookies. 
this is me making cookies at midnight, (and i can do that, because it has the quietist, softest hum you've heard.) because basically. my brain is out of commission for studying. 
literally. and my body too. walking, running, biking everywhere. 

so this is therapy. 
so, mother, want to make me the happiest person alive....
and i'll love you forever. (well, even if you don't buy me this)

and this is true perfection. yummmm.


  1. hold out (or save?) for a Bosch. Kitchen Aids are good...but from those who have tried both, Bosches ALWAYS are better.just saying...but those cookies look delish!

  2. Are you sure you actually made those cookies and didn't just get a photo off the internet?? J/K I'm so "jeal" that you can make such beautiful cookies, but making them at midnight does not sound fun. I know, I'm old.

  3. Yum! I want some! Don't know about the birthday gift, though.

  4. Many years ago someone gave my mom their old Kitchen Aid because they were upgrading. It was totally free!!! Look on Craig's List. The Birthday might be a bit more affordable that way.

    Oh, and now I want to make cookies. Thanks.


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