Thursday, August 25, 2011

what goes down in lewis town

we've had the delight pleasure of hosting my sister and her four beautiful children this week and the next week while they wait to move into their house since they just trekked across the country after living on the east coast for ten years.

but in the midst of them staying here, i am packing up my belongings again and set off for my byu fall semester. elated would be an exaggeration of how i feel at the moment...home was just too nice.

think about it. free food. free laundry. free everything. it just seems too perfect doesn't it. and now i shake my head confused why i wanted to leave so badly in the first place.
but i assure you, last night when i didn't park the car right, and dad scolded me (in a kind way of course), i complained under my breath--and thought--oh, this is why i wanted to leave.

but truly, it has been wonderful coming back. the 12 hour drive starting at 6 am does not sound very appealing at the moment. i'm going to miss the unlimited amount of ice cream supply and cookies (oh wait, i already ate those by 3 days ago).

 1/4 of the Lewis Family at Dinner!
 auntie ems ice cream parlor is in high demand these days.

 official favorite aunt. bam.
 the statute of liberty--bryson style
 chocolate face kiddos :)

(i know i shouldn't be proud...but check out my tan! holla!) 


  1. Holy smokes! Mom went to town on icecream. I wish I was home too! Nothing like home huh! and yes, your tan is smokin hot

  2. Ems! I definitely was thinking all throughout the pictures how tan you look! Way to go girl! And that ice cream looks delicious!


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