Sunday, August 28, 2011

ready. set. college.

wyview dorm #270

the byu college starting line round 2 begins in less than 12 hours.
em's musings of byu thus far:

:: i'm bias, and will be loving summer term way more than fall semester, unless fall pulls it together. so far, summer just can't be beat.
:: freshman girls fashion...they try so hard.
:: i feel like i'm at efy, but with 5,000 people.
:: i decided this week i'm going to get my masters. never thought that before.
:: i just like school. alot. i have never loved learning like this until now.
:: i haven't ate a bowl of cheerios and chco. chips in over a week. now that is an accomplishment.
:: my wardrobe just doubled in size. bingo. although, she is alot skinner, i will FIND things that fit. i love roommates.
:: wyview is different. and for the most part i'm still partial to heritage, but, i'm like this change and difference of experience.
:: i need to leave for work sooner so i will stop showing up to work, sweaty like a wet dog because a) i have to run the entire way (mind you at 6:45 in the morning), or b) i have to bike uphill super fast (mind you on a bike much to small for me).
:: after deep discussion with my roommate, i realized, i have had the perfect and ultimate life someone could have. my perspective on life and experiences has changed dramatically...and i feel so lucky.
:: this is no time to waste in my life. i have the resources, means, and ability with the Lord's help (only) to be something.


  1. You are MISSED here! Glad you are seeing life with a different perspective. College is good about that. You'll do great this semester. Just DO It!

  2. Good luck this semester!! and good luck on your hike to campus! Your legs will be smokin hot by the end


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