Thursday, August 11, 2011

a thursday happy list

is it me. or are thursdays a little challenging to be happy.
fear not. thats why we are writing a happy list.

last day of summer term. i did it. i survived my first term of college.
i move out tomorrow. (i'll be homeless for a day, but thats an adventure right!?)
i have a job. its not glamorous, but i'm trying to think positively here.
cheerios went on sale. HUZZAH.
my roommates have too much money left on their meal plan card--which means i am the grateful recipient of free food.
i got an A in Book of Mormon. Shocker, i mean, i have been a member my entire life.
i have friends i dont have to say goodbye to because i'll see them in the fall.
fall semester is next which means...byu football.
and, its sunny outside.

so lets be happy.

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