Tuesday, August 9, 2011

pardon my absence.

now that finals have arrived at alas. (can you believe it. don't you remember me showing you the firsts post from the beginning of the semester? i know. weird.) After Thursday, I will have survived (not necessariy thrived) my first college term. that is a feat in itself.

but now that the deathly finals hanging over our heads, we end up trying to avoid the word 'study' as much as possible. and i have found a couple solutions for that.
1. roommate and friend go to redbox and coldstone. and splurge. yumm.. (its like 5 times cheaper here then in OR. score!)
coldstone with friends. i really wouldn't have enjoyed this luxurious meal if it hadn't been for the John's and their generosity. They gave me a gift card to Coldstone...that i cherish and still do. Thank you!
(p.s. that was my dinner at 9:30 pm. and just for the record, Paul got Strawberry Basil ice cream...sickest thing ever. Basil--thats right, the spice basil does not belong in lucsious ice cream)

Another thing you can do, is Denny's at 1-3 am. Yeah man.
156 sister friends. 
learn to do the unbearable. 
and as always, it wouldn't be a college post unless i did some planking. so there, you have it.

pardon my absence. i hope to be back frequently, so i can continue to procrastinate.
until then...

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  1. Strawberry basil?? They actually make that? How crazy.....now I'm curious.


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