Thursday, August 4, 2011

the meal of champions & life in 156

i walked out of walmart a few nights ago. i looked in my bag one more time and took note of the three essential food items i purchased.

a. bread (not just any bread though--we are taking on the brim of expiring so its only going to be one dollar for a multi grain seeded bread.

b. a box of cheerios. need i say more. i needed them.

c. a box of brownies. in utah they are 50 cents more than in Oregon, but, i decided this is one essential item I can splurge on.

and so i give you....the meal of champions. each item has a special place in my heart and i just count them as their own food group, since i get quite a healthy dose from each of them daily.

and for some finals therapy...this is what my roommate and i do.

 this is what happens when you avoid essays, reading assignments, and cleaning.
 we made sure we still had access to the refidge, stove, and oven and breakfast in bed!

this takes skill...
 this does too. maybe someday when i need a confidence booster, i'll post the video of me coming down. you won't have seen anything like it.
 hardcore parkour planking.
i never said we were normal.


  1. hahahaha! YOu crack me up! If you were a boy I would tell you, you need to get married fast so you can eat a healthy diet but I'm afraid you are doomed.....jk!
    ps I really wish I could eat those brownies with you at this moment.

  2. What goofy girls! Do you want to come home so you can actually get real food?!?

  3. You are a total goofball! Seeing you up in that closet made me feel very claustrophobic. Seriously, that planking position? How did you get in and out without totally wedging yourself in?

    And I gotta say that the fort you girls made was the coolest fort I've ever seen, and I've seen many! My boys would be proud and kinda jealous too.


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