Wednesday, August 3, 2011

this is college life.

there have been so many little fun memories happening these last few weeks of classes, i don't want them to escape my memory. even though this term has been really short, our ward has grown together immensely and its sad to see that we only have one more Sunday together.

highlights worth remembering:
-For FHE we went and visited the elderly at a retirement home in Provo. It was probably the highlight of my term. We were given a list of names of those we could go visit, and so, we just knocked on doors asking if we could just stop and say hello for a few minutes. We split up in two groups since their apartments are so small. I went with Alex and Nick. We visited elderly army men, they were so cute and had flags outside their doors and all sorts of patriotic items around their apts. It was these moments when we visited these two elderly men that I was so grateful I went caroling to elderly my entire life, and watching a father speak so fluently with everyone asking all sorts of questions. I felt bad, the only words Nick and Alex every said were the names....but afterwards they said, thank goodness I kept talking, because they couldn't think of anything to say.

-this week was filled with many, many more games of Aquire. And sadly, after winning 6 games in a row, some boy actually beat me. Lets just say i've been nice ever since, and lost everytime now, just so they can win. :)

-I had a photo art show tonight, where i displayed 5 of my favorite photos.

-Today I had the last Book of Mormon Class for 121 and I almost cried.

-I had a Cha-Cha test today, and kicked butt.

-We had choir practice tonight for the last time, bittersweet.

-And my RA, Lauren is becoming one of my most favorite people ever. She leaves post-it notes on my pads around my bedroom, and makes me laugh ALL THE TIME. Where has she been all my life!?

-And on Sunday I was asked at Date Minute again. Suprisingly. So that'll make date #9.

Well..its a Wednesday night, and i've had a He*& of a week, so I think i'm going to go to bed...NOW.
2 more days of classes!


  1. It's funny that you mention so many great things that had happened this week and at the end of the post you said you had a he#% of a week! I know it's been rough but way to go in finding/noticing the tender mercies. Good luck with Finals bubs!

  2. You were blessed with the gift of communicating, like your Dad. What a week!

  3. I can totally see you talking to those war veterans! You have the gift of gab. Those poor, pathetic boys you were with! You're right though, just like your daddy. He always asks such good questions and people always know how much he cares. You're just like that.

    PS - I love your little expletive at the end. hehehe


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