Saturday, July 30, 2011

episodes in the kitchen: vol. 1

we all know me for being notorious as a chef prodigy...its practically my calling in life. so, i try.
over the next four years at college, i'll be doing a series of "emily's episodes in the kitchen." some will be entertaining. some will be useful. some will just be not blog worthy. but i need to document the fact that i am actually attempting to cook....or pseudo cook that is :).

i did get a cookbook as a graduation gift, so here is me putting it to good use, and my stomachs use that is too. be prepared to be amazed.

tonights dinner: rice pilaf--modified by ME. Instead of having three disctinct parts of a meal. The veggies, the main dish, and the side, i'd rather just make it a smoorgeshboard and put them all in one bowl. So thats what i did. Besides, when things are taking up too much space, or i think their getting old...well heck if they taste good together. just mix it. So here is rice pilaf, ground beef, and peas :)


  1. When you told me you had rice pilaf, I thought you actually made it following a recipe. Ha ha ha! But excellent substitution instead!

  2. I'm proud of you, Emily, for opening that cookbook. The rice pilaf with added ingredients was a pretty good idea. How did it taste?

  3. I just realized that my comment made no sense. So forget it all together. It was a long day that day when I typed it! Keep the cooking blog post coming. I need more ideas for dinner

  4. Cooking is always a great idea!

  5. Interesting, very interesting....


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