Saturday, July 30, 2011

just for your entertainment

Here's just some random pictures I found on photo booth that I wanted to share.

"Julia's got new shoes, Julia's got new shoes on today!"I'm praying that these will give me motivation to keep running. Aren't they cool looking??

Isn't this the cutest poster? It's the guy from the little Pixar short film in a Bugs Life (I think?) That's what I heard. Too bad we put them all over campus to just take them down the next day because it had Disney on it. Stinkin laws ;)

Sorry Mere the next two you're going to kill me for... :)

Mere, should we be worried?


  1. hahahaha! Wow! I should really think twice when I take pictures on someone elses computer.

    Sweet shoes Jules!

  2. daughter has the most flattering pictures ever! :)

    Great shoes and poster...good luck with the running!!

  3. inspire me! Don't think I'll take up running, but just more good exercise! Those weren't pictures of Meredith! My daughter is too beautiful for that. And way!
    The poster was so cool. Too bad you couldn't keep it up.

  4. Those posters were SO awesome! I agree - Dumb laws!


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