Wednesday, July 27, 2011

25 before i'm 25.

i still have 7 years to go...but i've been a bit inspired by this blogger, who made a list of 25 things she wanted to do before she turned 25. and so...i've done the same. 

  1. read the entire Standard Works (Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, P of Great Price)
  2. run a half marathon (yes, i have no desire to do a full marathon, in case you were wondering)
  3. graduate from college--that shouldn't be difficult, considering i'm starting at 18.
  4. learn spanish or sign language fluently
  5. publish 'something'--i say that very vaguely, so it could be music, poetry, talk, video...something.
  6. go to BYU-Jerusalem Study Abroad
  7. Visit every state in the country (21 to go)
  8. fall in love
  9. no college debt
  10. establish a consistent exercise regimen
  11. learn to actually "cook"
  12. begin a book club
  13. travel the Lake District in England. we all know its magical over there. 
  14. hike National Arches in Moab
  15. visit D.C. again--best trip of my life.
  16. attend at least 1 temple in every state.
  17. establish a form of photography business
  18. never stop smiling
  19. dance in the rain--with a guy of course. 
  20. make the BYU ballroom, latin, or swing dance team
  21. stop judging. be a woman like Marjorie Pay Hinckley & my mother.
  22. serve always, because i love it.
  23. begin a family.
  24. control my competitiveness and anger
  25. live.


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! Good luck! I can't wait to watch you accomplish all that stuff:)

  2. You're ambitious and inspiring! You can make it!

  3. you better believe I am printing out this list and holding u to them ALL!! btw: your dinner looks edible! :)


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