Tuesday, July 26, 2011

state of emergency.

i've reached a state of emergency. i need to teach myself and my body to make & eat more than pancakes (from a box nonetheless) and cheerios. and sadly, i only eat my cheerios unless i add chocolate chips to them. it must have been a time when i was on my period and i couldn't take it anymore, so i justified by adding chocolate chips, and now look what i've done.
help. but its just soooo tasty.
so for now....i'll go wash my 3 bowls of cheerios i accumulate in 1 day, and we won't discuss how many refills we had in each bowl. i'm going to go eat away my sorrows now.

stupid tests.


  1. I remember in college loving Cheerios with raisins and bananas and honey on top. So if CC get old...what am I saying? CC NEVER get old! Fun to talk to you on Saturday. Have you thought about oatmeal? :)

  2. HAHAHA!!! Chocolate Chips?? Brilliant!! Do not enlighten my children please! Baked potatoes in the microwave - potatoes are cheap and easy to cook and filling. Add a can of chili on top with some cheese and yum yum...

  3. Buy a small can of stew, add boiled potatoes, carrots and green beans to stretch it, serve over rice. Easy!


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