Monday, July 25, 2011

a peachy week

I hardly do a "weekly letter" like my mother is notorious for.
But...just for history's sake, indulge as I record a few happenings from this week.
Lets pretent that someday my children find this entertaining.

Monday-we had FHE at our Bishop's House with games, food (free food is always a winner as a college student), more games, and talking. Lynette and I studied the book of Jacob & during our study my FHE son, asked me on a date, while the FHE dad, asked Lynette on a date....not really sure if thats considered incest or not....but.....we'll keep that out of the conversation.

Tuesday-I got a job at the MTC working in the cafeteria. So i'll be serving the line, and doing dishwashing. Its a very glamorous job. I invited Crismon over for dinner. It was good fun to catch up with him, and then we both went to the library to study together. totes cute right? brotherly-sisterly bonding?

Wednesday-best news ever! My Nature Photography class was cancelled, so I got to go home early. Only to find out we had cleaning checks that night. I also had Dance Practice for Waltz, and than went grocery shopping (goal in college: make friends with those who have cars).

Thursday-I had my Waltz test- and was so stoked to recieve a 94! Since, he won't ever give above a 95. I went to the library and ran into Crismon there so we studied a bit more, and then he came to my Physical Science Lab, and I went to a review session afterwards and then went to MTC orientation. I was so scared swimming through a sea of guys with white shirts. And...I was lame at 9:29 at night...i went to the library and studied with my friend. We had too much fun at the end of our study sess...we walked through an aisle...well that kept us laughing for a good few days to say the least.

Friday- I made cookies with my friend, and we delivered them to some girls in my hall. And then he asked me on a date. So, it worked out in my favor. Then....5 minutes later, Lynette and I went on our date with his roommates to Stewart Falls. Before we left we made homemade bread so that when we came home it would come right out of the oven! Delicious! Also, the guy i went with, makes his own yogurt, so i'm going to learn that aswell! It was BEAUTIFUL. After hiking up to the falls, I couldn't believe that anyone would NOT believe in God. It was just too Beautiful. We found a cave to climb up to, and have battle wombs to prove our tenacity. It was like rock climbing without the harnesses and gear. real safe let me tell ya. Unfortunately, Lynette twisted her ankle with in the last 400 yrds of walking back.  And unfortunately for me, i had to go back to the library we got back from our date. Who goes to the library at 10:30 on a Friday night!

Saturday- Was wonderful. It was so productive. I had another practice with the mens choir that I accompanied for church on Sunday. At Midnight on Friday I felt really prompted to have the men in our ward sing "Come, Come Ye Saints" for this Sunday being Pioneer Day. So, of course, I went around knocking on all the guy dorms in my ward asking them to come sing. We only had 2 practices and it sounded not tooo bad. We also had a guy on the violin.

Also, I did all my essential stuff for the day, and felt like I was at home again, cleaning all day on a Saturday--it made me proud :)
I also went on a date to HUMOR-U. Its a stand up comedy group at BYU, it was hilarious. My stomach hurt from laughing for 2 hrs. It was good good fun.

Sunday--How can you not LOVE Sunday's. We had ward choir practice at 2. Which was a challenge since our pianist was gone, so i was leading, instructing and playing at the same time....pretty difficult. I am so pleased that we get such a big turn out to our choir practices--nearly 30 or more each time.
I took a nap, and then our apt was invited over to our FHE brothers apt. To my luck, my FHE bro. knows how to play Aquire, so we played and I whipped everyones butt pretty good! :)
We had Ward Prayer, and FHE Group Mtgs, and than I bonded with my RA, and dear friend Ashley in my room. It was good fun, and then went to the last 5 minutes of tunnel singing.

So life is well in college land. I love it. And so happy to be here and experience all that I am. Its been a great great great term. Only 2 weeks left of classes! Woo...that went fast.

 alex & i.
 cousins love.
lynette & nick.


  1. What a saweet week! pretty peachy if I say so. can't believe you're almost done. craaaazzzzzyyyyy.

  2. Woot! Woot! more family letters in the making! keep them coming! It was fun to hear all that you did last week. You are busy woman!

  3. Whoa! What a week sista! The hike sounded really cool. We would love to see a picture of those "battle wombs"! Sorry, I just had to laugh at the typo. Love ya!

  4. Good for you...studying on a Fri. night after a date! Fun to hear about your week. Thanks for feeding CJ!


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