Friday, August 12, 2011

byu college finale

summer term is over.
correction, that is not a bad finally, but a satisified finally.

final memories in heritage wells, #156:

  • Ward Music Chair
  • FHE Mom
  • lived with Sami, Lynette, Taylor, Amber, Sara
  • my RA was one of my best friends
  • despite high immaturity in our ward, i really loved it
  • took Physical Science 100, Book of Mormon 121, Social Dance 180, RMYL 223 Nature Photo.
  • my favorite food item was POG (passion orange guava, a drink originated in Hawaii found only at the MTC and BYU creamery)
  • ate cheerios and chocolate chips religiously everyday
  • played more games of Aquire in 2 weeks than the past 2 years
  • Best Girl Friends: Ashley Nelson, Tinesha Zandamela (my 1st black friend! :), Lauren Meese, Melissa Layland, Elise Otteson.
  • Best Guy Friends: Paul Russavage, Zac Romero, Jorgen Davidson, Alex McCown, Nick Mena
  • Job: MTC Dining (w/Lynette, Nick, Sami, Tinesha, Andrea)
  • Average Time for Bed: 2-3 AM
  • Favorite Snack: Toasted bread with PB & J (ate religiously 2-3x a day)
  • Favorite Class: Book of Mormon
  • Worst class: Physical Science
  • # of Dates: 10
  • Competed in DanceSport Compeition: 7th Place in Cha-Cha
  • Most Played Game: Foose-ball, Aquire, Ultimate Frisbee (always at midnight of course)
  • Hiked the Y: once
  • And sometimes the little things we did were my favorite memories, going to cold stone, biking to DI & the grocery store (that was fashionable, riding with chicken, milk and spaghetti noodles sticking out of your basket), building forts in the kitchen, eating burnt cookies, setting the fire alarm off for boiling water, 4 girls on their period at once (wait, that wasn't a pleasant memory), roommate dinners together, Sunday dinners with friends, 4 hr Fast Sunday Testimony Meeting, playing in church violin and piano, and conducting the choir 4 times, learning a new aspect of time management, and doing laundry at 2-3 AM. 

me and nick at DanceSport Competition (wilkinson center)
trying to get good pictures for my photography class at midnight, costed me a $65 ticket. baha ha.
playing with LED lights in my halls basement
tinesha. em. megan. (152 girls)
trying to have an arm-waxing party. and avoiding homework.
i've also experienced utah's monsoons. you better believe this is what i looked like after i walked hom from class. (i really haven't gained that much weight, even though the shirt is decieving).
i went to HP 7.with some of my favorite people. :)
went tandem biking...ah. i need one of those.
accomplished the feat. getting 19 people on one couch.
put on a 4th of july picnic with some friends.
had a bonfire with friends at Kiwanis park. and played ultimate frisbee with a soccer ball. epic.
and had our first real official roommate dinner.

that is in a nutshell the life and workings of wells #156.
next adventure: WYVIEW.
and i'm STOKED.


  1. Ha! You just put a picture of your armpit hair on the internet!
    Looks like fun.

  2. Um did you seriously just post your armpit? You are crazy, but I already knew that, which is why I like ya so much!

  3. You packed a lot into that summer semester. Couldn't believe you put in that armpit picture. That must have been a 3 a.m. blog moment!


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