Monday, August 15, 2011


so incase you were wondering. but i have been living the epitomy life of a homeless person. i kidd you not. Saturday morning at 10AM we were strictly to be out of the entire hall and everything. i attest, i was the very last person out, you may wonder why...and that is because i had no where to go. luckily, i called my bishop, and he and his family rescued me by picking up my suitcase, backpack and plastic bag of food and took it to his house, so that i could go to work at the mtc. my co-worker dropped me off at his house when i was done and i've been here ever since.
 in the process of packing. yeah...i had to start as soon as finals were over, so this is all i did until like 2 in the morning.
 and i got pretty creative with my packing. i'm scared to unpack i tell you. i stuck everything in random places. like measuring cups in my toaster oven and oatmeal packets in the blender.
 amongst the business, Crismon and I had a fun time going to j-dawgs and the temple and the creamery on friday night after i moved everything into my apt. in Wyview. We got in and out of the temple in 16 minutes i swear.

 okay, and i needed to use my food, and i was starving for something besides Cheerios (i know, i never though i would say that..) so i made OJ. And all my cups and pitchers were packed i threw out the macaroni noodles that meredith gave me in this jar, washed it out, and made it as basin for OJ! :) best idea ever.
 i went around my hall drinking out of the canning jar, i loved it so much.
 and i finally said farewell to this prison cell mattress.

goodbye heritage. nothing with top your ghettoness. thats for sure. hello wyview! :)


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