Tuesday, July 19, 2011

masquarade...paper faces on pararde

i've never been asked to a school dance before. 
ever. in all my life.
oh well, i'll get over it. 

but its okay, because my philosophy, when I ask, I get to actually go with who i really want to. So, i've been doing it since High School...so its no big deal.

 Paul and I were going for a "vintage" look...if you couldn't tell. For the record, I picked out his outfit, and I swear he got like 30 compliments on his bow tie. BAM.
 These two are Jorgen and Tinesha from our ward. Tinesha is my physical science buddy too...i just love my ward.
We went to j-dawgs first for some delicious food.....probably high light of the night. No joke. We didn't even talk at dinner because we were so consumed in enjoying the deliciousness of the hot dog!

And that was about it! I went to BYU's first Masquarade Ball.
And i'll just leave how I asked him for another post....because its pretty clever. If i do say so myself.


  1. I am glad you are having so much fun at BYU, Ems. You look so happy.

    BTW: this will date me, but I went to the midnight showing of the 1st Harry Potter movie during my third year at BYU...and slept through it.

  2. You 2 look very cute. Yes, nice tie!

  3. You look so stunning! Love the outfits.....

  4. You are looking SO good!!! BYU likes you, I can tell. You and you date were so cute! I love that you ate dinner at J-Dawgs!! That is AWESOME!!!


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