Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Taking the plant out of the pot...or trying to

Here is some things I've been thinking about a lot lately (and it makes me a little nervous....):

I want to start an organization here at BYU-Idaho called Women's Services and Resources. I want it to be like BYU's organization. They also have a blog where I got to watch Nienie's (Stephanie Nielson's) presentation on beauty. It was about an hour but I loved every minute of it. You're basically near tears through most of it. I was so moved that it got me thinking, "Why don't we have one at BYU-Idaho?" We need it just as much as BYU does. As women we have all these issues that we deal with but something that I'm particularly interested in is how we view bodies and the way media WANTS us to view our bodies. I guess I'm so interested in this is because I've experienced what it is to not like the way I look (I mean who hasn't?) and "feel fat" (which fat is not a feeling so we need to stop saying that to ourselves! :) But it was so bad that I felt I wasn't "good enough" and the downward spiral continues and it's not healthy. Anyway there was a seminar my first and second semesters up here at school where dietitians, nurses, and counselors came and spoke about having healthy body image and I LOVED what they taught! It was so uplifting and encouraging. I came away wanting to go into a field where I could teach that. I mean they are universal truths and once people understand them, it will change them.

My plan is: Tomorrow Sis. Clark (President Clark's wife) is having a panel discussion for women on education. I'm a nerd but I love these things! The great thing is usually you can talk to her afterwards and all that jazz so I'm just going to walk up to her and ask her what she thinks if we had a student organization called Women's Services and Resources similar to the Women Association that put on the panel discussion and kinda give her the jist of what I think it should be and all. Hopefully she can direct me to someone who I can talk to about this.
If that doesn't work, then I'm going to the Student Support Center and talking with them.

Here's the thing: I've never designed a plan to set up an organization. EVER! I have no idea what to do! I'm not even good at writing proposals but thankfully there are already people that can help but with school and everything it will be crazy trying to get it going. Another thing is I have no idea how long it takes for these things to get up and moving. I don't know where to get all the information on women's issues because I really only know of a couple that I've experienced but besides that I'm clueless so how can I get professional counselors to help? Should I open this to provide interns to come and help? Last thing is I'm not a natural born leader so even trying to go about this is way out of my comfort zone (but potted plants cannot grow big right?!)
Crazy thing is all of this has been on the whim this last week but I just want to help people and it's something that so many of us can benefit on.

Ok sorry to bore you with so much information. I just want to get this all out somehow. It's kinda making me nervous.....ah! am I crazy?! Maybe but what they hay I got nothing to lose!

I just want to leave with a few uplifting things (yes I'm just a little cheesy):
First, read this talk. Elder Maxwell just says it perfectly. I love what he says that our feet were made to move forward, not backwards.
Second, my notes that I took from Stephanie Nielson's presentation (sorry some of it is jumbled because I was typing fast and summarizing it):

Motherhood and beauty are the same thing.
God has all given us different personalities. Without working on it, it will hide.
Beware of using phyisial appearance as everything.
We only feel as beautiful for our feeling in our insides.
Our beauty is a gift given from God and He cannot take that away from you.
It's our Spirit that makes us beautiful.
The more we accept ourselves, the more we'll feel better about our bodies and how we look.
My beauty is apparent in the way he loves me.
I have no more room in my heart for discouragement.
Beauty is health, peace, harmony, self-confidence, inner Spirit guiding our bodies so we can stay focused on our eternal perspective which is returning to our Father in Heaven.
Whatever shape, whatever size, it's beautiful because it's from God.
If you're struggling feeling beautiful, ask the Lord. 

Thanks for letting me share.

Any thoughts?
Any advice?


  1. Wow! This is awesome! I think you should totally look into doing it. I know sometimes these things take awhile to get organized with all the logisitics and such but if you plant the seed while you are at BYUI then I'm sure others can carry it forward while you are gone. Good luck!!!

  2. All you need, to get something started, is a seed of passion. I'd say you've got more than a've got a whole tree of passion. So, there ya go. You can do anything you want...and that's a beautiful idea. I don't really have any advice. I just think you're great. :) Can't wait to hear more about it.

  3. I'm impressed with your ingenuity! Go for it, Jules! I don't have any advice...just go for it and don't be discouraged by opposition. You're awesome.


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