Sunday, June 5, 2011

class of 2011

I have survived four years of high school.
upon my completion of this great feat, may i offer a few wise words to those who haven't finished yet

there is life after high school
find great friends, not cool ones
skip senior year, not freshman year. i know from experience
there is more to life than high school dances
no on remembers what award you got, so get over it
make the library become your friend
it gets better, easier, and more worth it over time
stick to your standards, even when you stand alone
be happy and smile
if you don't go to football games, its okay, even if your parents beg you to
do the important things first
rise above yourself
rumors are like drugs. don't do it.
be cool and stay in school.

there is life after high school

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  1. awww, my little sis is all grown up (tear)

    ps. cute top
    pps. bring clothes that I can steal from you when you are here.


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