Sunday, June 5, 2011


first commencement underway.
4 years of 6:30 AM seminary=DONE.
20,000+ hours of sleep lost in 4 years....but it was totally worth it.

yay for Seminary and CES (my new career path!)

Mad Pads. 

 We wanted you all to see that President Monson signed our diplomas. Therefore, its OFFICIAL.
Oh happy day


  1. Emily! Long time no talk woman, how have you been!? I was pumped to see President Monson's signature as well. 4 years of seminary, SO worth it because of that. :)
    By the way, you're adorable just in case you didn't know. I love those pearl earrings.

  2. I told Bryan that you wanted to go into CES and he said "so Emily can tell all the other seminary students that you can skip and still become a seminary teacher?"

  3. Amen to Mere's comment! haha way to go bubs!


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